Reflection is a tool. It is a value that all Satanists should hold near and dear to the core of their practice. It is what separates us from the mindless forward march through the everyday norm. It is what keeps us questioning, what keeps us as adversaries to institutionalized oppression, adversaries to internalized complacency.

It is not an easy job to be looking back at the same time that we are looking forward, but it’s an important one.

Join us as we look back on 2019—our victories, defeats, and questions posed for Future Us. Join us in our fearlessness, honesty, and retrospect. Happy reading and Hail Satan!

—Lux Inferni

You are the Saviour by Alice Van Hammer (January 2019 Feature)

A Psychedelic Smattering to Wet the Synaptic Responses: In Lieu of What is Currently Owedby Psychonaut XIII (February 2019 Feature)

The Goods, the Bads, and the Uglies by Lux Inferni (March 2019)

The Metaphysics of Transient Scrutiny by The Hell Priest, XUL (April 2019 Feature)

Satanic Magicby Humanist Heisenberg (May 2019 Feature)

The Deceived Divine by The Wholesome Satanist (June 2019)

Political Worms by The Messianic Machiavel (June 2019

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