A noble, compassionate person won’t always appear the way you expect.

We who fight for the rights of all, not just our own, believe that truth belongs to everyone and should never be hidden in a temple or manipulated to serve the needs and desires of the few.

Too many are seduced by the saintly images of evil being destroyed by goodness. But of course these images are compelling—it is easy to imagine the riches to be gained for being hailed as a hero.

Consider being a young, impressionable person who just wants to make the world better. It is so easy to think that you already wear armor of Justice and wield Righteousness like a sword. How romantic it is for that young man or woman to see the image of St. George and the dragon, the angel crushing the throat of the beast underfoot with a spear poised to strike, raiments flying and holy aura blazing.

But those of us who have lived something of life know better. If I were standing next to that person seeing the image for the first time, I would urge them: Don’t stop looking. There is so much more to see.

Many are terrified by the Dragon, and I can understand why. But it’s not an excuse to turn away. Yes he appears beastly, but that is because he has had to fight hard. He looks weary because he has never given up. He seems vicious because his heart beats with passion. He wouldn’t endure such strife if he didn’t care.

The Dragon knows what’s worth fighting for. Even Jesus knew that it is the outcasts who need love and protection. It is the Other, the silenced, who most need a voice. Those who supposedly speak for God or know his will seem to conveniently forget this. They also have a good deal to say about what the devil wants, as though the devil would be so petty.

So what does the Dragon really want? What does he fight for?

He wants you to unleash your true self, to use and cultivate the gifts that come naturally to you, and to live unapologetically free. If he could speak, he would tell you to stop wasting time. We only have this life, and it should be completely yours. Don’t give all your time to imposters and fear mongers, the ones who tell you to grovel and beg for forgiveness for a crime never committed. There is neither time nor reason to apologize for being who you are.

Have courage, he would say, you are not alone. Ours is without doubt the more difficult path, and also the most rewarding. To become strong you must fight; to become compassionate you must endure hardship; to become wise you must think for yourself and question what is accepted, even when no one else is doing so.

Do not entertain fools who talk of avoiding temptation. The real sin is to sacrifice the life you have here and now for the un-knowable after, and to deny your incredible mind the opportunity to flourish.

Divine fire, as the Greeks called it, is not waiting for you after death, it is within you already. Decide for yourself what meaning your life has. Create what is beautiful yourself. Never stop striving, exploring, discovering. After all, this world is entirely ours to destroy, or to create our own paradise.

Ave Satanas, Hail Homo sapiens.

Love and Wisdom,

The Wholesome Satanist

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