Subjugation- the act of bringing someone or something under domination or control.

Sycophancy- obsequious behaviour towards someone important to gain favour or advantage.

One of the simplest lies that is taught in christianity, yet also one of the most insidious, is that of Jesus’s crucifixion being “our salvation”. Though it can be argued or debated as to the historical reality of the deed, one truth is made clear by dispassionate evaluation of the remainder of biblical teaching as it is applied in practice-

His death does not save you. Yours does.

To redeem yourself from your “sins” is to become “a living sacrifice”. One must surrender their will, their freedom, their very dignity and capacity for critical thought- all in order to accept “the path to the kingdom”.  Yet if this is true, what was the point of ‘the crucifixion’? How was this supposed act of horrendous, inhuman suffering in ANY way an act of redemption for anyone, if we are all still expected to surrender our very essence as human beings to the whims of an unknowable authority figure?

And for what prize? To spend all of eternity in continued servitude to the one who condemned use in the first place?

The answer is plain, of course. It isn’t.  It’s vulgar fiction demanding cognitive dissonance most healthy, stable, grown adults are both unwilling to and incapable of summoning.

The crucifixion story is just another tool to imbue guilt and shame in those incapable of mounting an intellectual defense against such an emotional plea.  Thus, christianity swells it’s numbers- and it’s coffers- in the numbers of those most vulnerable, the grieving, the desperate, the mentally deficient and, most despicably, our children.  By preying upon these groups, it establishes the mental and emotional yoke of dependency, the powerlessness, guilt and the shameful delusion of control.

On the other hand…

you are the light fcSatanism is many things to many people, a belief or experience which is  unique to the individual.  There are likely as many denominations of Satanism as there are christianity, relative to the number of its followers.  However, If anything is constant across all schools of Satanic thought, it is to follow in the example of the biblical character, Lucifer, the Great Adversary, Satan.  It is to turn our backs upon those who would demand our obedience. It is to rebel against undeserved authority. It is to question our world in Every facet to achieve new knowledge and new understanding.  It is to recognize the sovereignty of our own existence, the beauty and power of our lives.

Ultimately, it is to accept the responsibility that our own power entails, in success, failure and defining what those concepts mean to us as individuals and a society.

The power is within each and every one of us to “save” ourselves.

There is one world and One Kingdom and it is is ours to build as we see fit if we only accept that YES, we do have the strength to do so.

Ave Lucifer


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