The Hell Priest, XUL


DR Strickland bio picBetween autumn foliage the mountains appear welcoming but beneath the surface, a brooding tension. Southern hospitality is a bassakwards greeting card full of colloquialisms that grow on you upon repeated exposure. Until you can improve upon the silence, listen, “y’all”. Whiskey and circadias drown the horizon. Screened in back porches. Better get use to no service. Here, evolution just a theory. Culture is found in Pietre’ Disches.

Art reflects life and this place, the mirror’s broken, image distorted, seen through a mirror darkly…its oppressive, breeding disorder(s). Well, more like if your favorite kid was a coat hanger abortion. All PCBs, methamphetamines, slack jawed bafoons, backroom bribes, cycles of abuse, hungry eyes and a dirty politician’s bloody hands waving excuses. At will employment with no discriminatory clauses for wrongful termination. No Arbitration, More or Less a Union of minds. No way to break the chains of wage enslavement. Intelligence is elusive. Washed their hands of responsibility and lets begin by starting an example. Etowah County is leading the nation in STDs. So praise Jesus! Shit fire and tarnation. Tell em the difference between a condiment and a condom, and the appropriate use of propalactics. Lets count scars and innumerable regrets. But mostly indescion. Drugs or Religions all that’s left: + education – prison.

The good get out. So what backwoods refuse survived this trash burning?! Lick skillet, self-congratulatory Pastors and a tax break for a Congregation of backsliding cretins who don’t want homosexuals to marry because an outdated book forbids it? I have some snakes for you to handle. Where’s your conviction? I have the Anti-venom. Don’t say you don’t deserve this. All these Mini-mall churches on every corner is egregious and a halfway house every other block, so very unneeded. Who sends recovering junkies back to the neighborhoods where they’ve coped! With drug Counsellors being former members recovery will never start. Faith based, thrift store parasitic, ministries but really most of the culture died when they closed Ft.McClellan. It never stopped. One lose after another.

Where are our monuments? Or economic stimulus? Civil War produced no heroes. Yet they talk about what Lincoln did? We need to praise the cotton gin for emancipation. They took down nooses but you can still vote at the gallows pole. Eyes pecked out from Jim Crowe. Installed guillotines with TV monitors, passed out the pretty glocks we reload or heads will roll, all chop, chop. Its time to purge, soo…. Praise God and pass the ammunition. How dare you touch The Johnson Amendment. Speaking your mind is an obscene decision. Where is the quality of life and adequate living conditions? We’re 47th at every task given. No one wants to go to Alabama or New Jersey, that’s a given. Its all conceal carry hair trigger temperaments, where the bullets never stop, bodies are thrown down well(s) hidden. Nobody follows the Rules of Engagement. Honor is nowhere to be found. Talentless? well its who you know in the Bubba System. Quote the Serenity Prayer and fall another13th step. We need a new choir director because I’m sick of getting preached to. Living life one pamphlet and bumper sticker at a time. Fuck your neighbor(hood) over 6 days a week as long as you put on a good show come Sunday next. Tithe like a good redneck mouth breathers, dressed in flannel like a Kotex. All Country music and NASCAR and foseball and illiteracy. If thus is soul food how come we starving for knowledge? Too Worried about flags and heritage. Never was my thing, this is far from divinity. All simple man and free bird. Bad Cover bands making ends meet. Domestic violence, carnations and yellow hammers and nicotine stained teeth. ‘I’m dying for originality.


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