Call oF the VoiD

Call oF the VoiD

— The Hell Priest, XUL

I. Exordium: Fiat Nox

The brain has no pain receptors, it floats, adrift in thought, encased in cranial fluid, a quantum computer retrieving photonic memories. While no binary code is used, biochemistry and physiology intercede. These myriad of programs and unconscious duties (some of which are crucial) pass without notice as autonomic functions. These subroutines need no acknowledgement and certainly receive none. External stimuli form Engrams (neuropsychology) amidst this gray matter with its folds, neurons, synapses and neural networks; deeper within, is a tenuous sense of “self”; as an omniscient observer. Wherein within the Labyrinthine lies memory? Or furthermore identity?

II. Expletive(s): How the Observer Influences Reality (or how I need to stop haunting myself and except metaphysics)

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” ~Alan Watts


The Brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees versus what it remembers; the same areas are activated in either event. Therefore, the difference between reality and perception is blurred, as any madman or mystic who drowns in the same waters with equal abandon, will confess. Phase-conjugate quantum resonance is a term used by physicists that means that particles are “non-locally entangled.” Likewise our own human cognition is not rooted in any one specific area of the brain (anymore than is the “self)” but scattered throughout the whole in an discernible pattern. This is in part a protective measure to ensure that the operating system can survive non-critical damage — or even in extreme cases out right removal of a complete hemisphere. Or is it memories are retrieved (by the mind) as information within a holographic storage system? Since light is both a particle and/or wave,[1] it is my summation that cognitive processes take place in a quantum field, in a perpetual limbo, until we as conduits intervene and make manifest. To further elaborate a haunting can only occur in the prescence of someone living. It is Mu “not have; without” a conductive but neutral state or Mushin “no mind”one where creativity flows from the emptiness. The active human mind is the lens. When you are looking, light becomes a finite particle, when you aren’t, it is a endless wave of all conceivable possibilities (or at least in limbo along with Schrödinger’s Cat). It would then seem that little understood processes are in effect which not only affect our perceptions but our very sense of presence. Even the phenomenon of “ghost” has been recreated in a controlled, laboratory setting [2]. A residual haunting may be nothing more than an engram stored as a hologram, as The Stone Tape Theory [3] suggest, in porous, naturally occurring substances (limestone, quartz, wood, etc.) until such time as certain energy requirements are meet to help jumpstart the loop. Optical illusions, Mirages, have long been a part of folklore caused by thermal displacement and light refraction, not by Djinn. Willow o’ the Wisp were (bog lights dancing like flames atop brackish water) caused by decaying swamp vegetation and trapped methane gas deposits, not Satan. Lightning does indeed strike twice and prefers the path of least resistance called “stepped leaders,” and of course, isn’t the benevolent work of a Savior. The church with its accusatory finger-like steeple shouldn’t be without a grounding rod, regardless of insurance policies.

Today’s magic is tomorrow’s technology, meaning that science and spirituality are in an endless exchange, wherein each proceeds to step gleefully upon the other’s wayward toes. With the overall interpretative dance being downright abysmal. There is as of yet little choreography, as stars are created and cast off in the chaos; destroyed in the ebb and flow of truth and fallacy. Shed your skins brethren and remember. We are The Gatekeepers, The Lightbringers…of The Left Hand Path!!! Non Serviam. May Lucifer guide you. May you “pierce the veil”and embrace the hidden.

Agios Satanas,

The Hell Priest, XUL


Call of the Void image

III. Exodus: Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux! Ave Satanas!!!

We of the dark celebrate our inner-light… an illumination ov being. A Gordian Knot will never unravel….a lie will never resonate when struck with Nietzsche’s Hammer…the truth will never die cut by Ockham’s Razor… Fiat Lux! Ave Satanas!!! Let other’s speak of shallow graves, of the endless procession of haunted nights.

I seek the nimbus, the solace of the fallen, the singularity of all reason.

Praise Satan for the Morning Star is the Adversary! Thou art GOD!!! Tat Tvam Asi. The who sees past the lies of piety! Thou art GOD!!! Tat Tvam Asi.

Those who followed me through the wasteland of my psyche. Thou art GOD!!! Tat Tvam Asi.

Praise Satan for the strength to embrace our true individuality. How else to understand the dichotomy! We who were born, not created! We who swear allegiance to the abyss!!! Evoke our demonic embrace. Lets celebrate our cancer. Let’s make magnificent our malignancies. A Gordian Knot will never unravel….a lie will never resonate when struck with Nietzsche’s Hammer…the truth will never die cut by Ockham’s Razor…

Fiat Lux! Ave Satanas!!! We of the dark celebrate our inner-light…the illumination ov our being.


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