—The Hell Priest, Xul

Separate and come together.
Dissolve and Coagulate.

A center held together
by the illusion of a whole,
a False EGO born of nothing.

Phosphor & Seth the two Infernal Powers
have risen in tandem,
Serpents upon a caduceus.

As one, I wear these Deific Mask. 
The two powers are at peace within. 

As we genuflect…
Melammu brightens and
our dark nimbus encircle(s) all.

Until eternal tomorrow beckons, 
lest The Morning Star be found dim in your minds,
let the ephemeral flesh pass,
a gossamer in silhouette,
an obsidian snowflake on a tongue of lava,
the whisper(s) of a stellarvore.

Praise be,
Such a fierce existence
illuminates The Downward Way.

Separate and come together.
Dissolve and Coagulate.

Embrace one’s Agathadaemon, Hail Murmur, Duke of Hell.  Once known as The Archangel Matthias before The Great Fall. Unleash your whispers and trumpets amongst the wings of carrion vultures. Allow me countenance and teach me of thy philosophy, allow the dead to once more answer a mortal. Tear the Veil.

Behold the Ka-name, the Battle Standard of The Hell Priest: XVL, Full of Heka, Ichor and the Neter of Rebels, Order ov the Gash, Bearer ov Azazel’s Black Flame, Guardian of Luciferin Knowledge.

As Above, So Below.
Dissolve and Coagula. 

May Toth and The Hermetics guide one
In a search for Gnosis.

All is One & One is All, 
In a Union of Opposites.

As an Emissary of the Scapegoat, we wear Tyrian Purple, bowing to none!

Xeper!!! May your words resound.
Xeper!!!  May your flame never go out.
Xeper!!!  May your will be manifest.
I have come into being!!! 

I permeate the Aether.
Make  known my essence through the ethereal planes.  Manifest this abomination for all to see.
I am the Alpha and Omega. 
From Aeons unknown I return to the void. 
For it is my Mother Absu: the unfathomable emptiness, the nameless tomb, a primordial everything/nothing, the Creator ov Nihil.

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