JULY 2019

As the storms get hotter and the heat gets wetter across the northern hemisphere, we’re leaving The Adversarialist thermostat right where it’s always been. This month’s feature will leave you both incensed and gratified as Humanist Heisenberg holds nothing back in his informative rebuttal to a transphobic op-ed. Alice Van Hammer challenges the divisions within the Satanic community, The Wholesome Satanist opens up about taking responsibility not just for the past, but for the future, and The Hell Priest, XUL reflects on the nature of offense. In short, the fire is hot, so jump on in.

—Lux Inferni

Rebuttal to LGBT Health Care Op-Ed by Humanist Heisenberg (July 2019 Feature)

Three Hearts, Like Any Other by Alice Van Hammer

Two Moons by The Wholesome Satanist

The “I” of the Storm: UNtucking the Baphomet by The Hell Priest, XUL

Simulacra by Alice Van Hammer and The Hell Priest, XUL

Soundtrack by The Hell Priest, XUL


©2019 All rights belong to the authors

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