JUNE 2019

One year ago I clicked on the ‘Publish’ button on my laptop screen and watched the first set of contributions to The Adversarialist become available online. I’m doing that again today for the fifteenth time since then. I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into a year ago and, honestly, I still don’t. But I am truly grateful to every contributor, reader, and fan who has joined in along the way. I look forward to The Adversarialist’s future and I hope that you do, too.

For our anniversary, we are celebrating in a number of ways. First and foremost, with brand new contributions for this month, including Alice Van Hammer’s contribution on the symbolism of Pride, the June 2019 feature, along with two critical looks at Satanism today from The Messianic Machiavel and myself. We are also introducing a brand new contributor, The Wholesome Satanist, who is indeed a welcome addition to our team. Lastly, and perhaps the most exciting of all, we have set the wheels in motion for two things: The Adversarialist merchandise and a special print edition of The Adversarialist with selected contributions from the past year. More information about merch and the annual will be made available next month. Until then, happy reading and Hail Satan!

—Lux Inferni

The Other by Alice Van Hammer (June 2019 Feature)

The Deceived Divine by The Wholesome Satanist (NEW Contributor)

Political Worms by The Messianic Machiavel

Chisel v. Block by Lux Inferni

Simulacrum by Alice Van Hammer


©2019 All rights belong to the authors

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