MARCH 2019

For the Ides of March we bring the Tides of Blasphemy: Our contributions this month collectively serve as an expression of the difference between Satanism and Christianity, both implicitly and explicitly. Join us in tainting the unfounded sanctity of god (get your tongue DIRTY). Speak god’s name in vain while we dip our proverbial pens in the blood of Christ to paint a literary picture of existence without the tyrannical petulance of an invisible maker, and a life ecstatic with no gods, no masters.

—Lux Inferni

Hoofprints in the Ash by Alice Van Hammer

The Metaphysics of Transient Scrutiny: (Judgement((s)) to come) or Original Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GOD by The Hell Priest, XUL

The Goods, the Bads, and the Uglies by Lux Inferni

Simulacrum by The Hell Priest, XUL

Soundtrack by The Hell Priest, XUL


©2019 All rights belong to the authors

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