Join us this month as we journey both to and from the self, expressing through a variety of ways all that it—a silly, little, four-letter word—becomes in our contemplations, our defiance, our identity and our process for identification, our celebration, reason, and mourning. Hail Satan! Hail The Self!

—Lux Inferni

A Psychedelic Smattering To Wet the Synaptic Responses: In Lieu of What is Currently Owed by Psychonaut XIII (February 2019 Feature)

Die in a Fire by Alice Van Hammer

Altars by The Hell Priest, XUL

Demigods A spell by The Hell Priest, XUL

The Dark Beatitudes by Lucious Greyson

Goddamn I Hate by Lux Inferni

Simulacra by Alice Van Hammer and The Hell Priest, XUL

Soundtracks by The Hell Priest, XUL and Lux Inferni


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