Though I do not consider myself strictly just a satanist, my views are similar enough that I find it is the community where my thoughts are most welcome.

Although I have since broken their chains on me, I was raised as a Christian, and was heavily involved in many Christian youth programs such as Awana. I know all too well what slavery and subjugation of the mind entail.

My personal philosophy is a combination of satanism, several eastern philosophies (at least as far as self discovery and empowerment go), several modern texts such as The 48 Laws of Power and The Ellipsis Manual, some older texts such as Tsun Tsu’s The Art of War, a few philosophies from science fiction such as the Sith from Star Wars and some of the social constructs of Starship Troopers, and pretty much anything else that contributes to the acknowledgement of, improvement of, and glorification of the self and the freedoms that come from self empowerment.

Pasion, Strength, Power, Victory, Freedom!

Ave Satanas!


The Dark Beatitudes

Herd Mentality

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