The Family First Organization.

Focus On The Family.

The Family Research Council.

The American Family Association.

In America today there are literally dozens if not hundreds of similarly named groups. These politically active groups all claim similar mission statements as well, to influence our nation’s political officials to change the laws which affect our country’s families for their betterment. Generally, they also claim a religious flavouring to their activism, sporting the shiny ideal of protecting the rights and freedoms of the American Family to hold to and practice their private faith free from government interference and persecution by both businesses and individuals.

Though such would seem to be a good thing, a grand thing even, the sad truth is that these groups, almost to a one only have the “rights” and “freedoms” of one group and one religion in mind as they push both legally and financially to shape our nation’s future, that of conservative christianity.

Also—it is very worth noting that in this context both “rights” and “freedom” may be read less euphemistically as “sovereignty”.

Though in the last few years our country has seen an unprecedented rise in atheism and atheistic Satanism, unfortunately, so too has there been a rise in hard-line, evangelical christianity. These zealotous activists are pressing HARD against our elected officials to see their ideals made manifest. Often they push to remove officials from office and see them replaced with their own, hand-selected to work their will.

Their will is not pretty, to put it lightly.

Their views are not set on the respect for the love shared between parent(s) and child(ren). Nor are they set upon any other values a secular-minded parent would deem important. No. Their goal is little more than to see their religion and its standards be forced upon the children of all households, christian or not.

Within the last two years, bills have been raised across the nation which fly in the face of both what many secular individuals would call common decency and our nations very constitution. These groups pressure lawmakers to redefine the concepts of gender and sexuality, trying to de-legitimize the concept of family among LGBTQ Americans. They demand protected status for themselves and their operations, churches and organizations. In some states they have even gone so far as to try theIr hand at bills—laws which could see children removed from homes and parents deemed to be “unfit”.

Are we, my lover and I, unfit?Adversarialist8- Family(sized colour)

According to These groups, these “family-minded, faith-based” organizations, we certainly are.

Are we “unfit” to  have our own son because we are a poly couple? Are we “unfit” to raise him in our ideals because we are both LGBTQ? Are we “unfit” to give him a better life than we had as children because we are out and proud Satanists?

Are we “unfit” to love our son because these people say so?

The truthful, reasoned answer is an emphatic NO, of course but the legal reality is much different. As long as these misbegotten remnants of a bygone era of superstitious nonsense and rule by theocratic force hold both money and political sway, sadly, sooner or later, they may indeed get their way.

It is with this in mind that we must recall, regardless if whatever differences we hold in ideology, to our oppressors we are all but the same targets. Church of Satan, TST, Luciferian, LaVeyan, atheist or humanist, even the christian who simply disagrees with their narrow, outdated worldview, we are ALL only obstacles in their path to domination of our freedoms, our families and our futures.

THEIR futures, our children.

I can scarcely imagine something so hideous as a parent being forced to surrender their child by an official of a theocratic regime. The tiny reminder that their love will always live on, torn from them in mind and spirit, if not bodily, by their own government. It sickens me to the core.

I realize that there are those Satanists who would say that “only the weak seek equality”.

I say that “only the cowardly and short-sighted attack the ones who fight in their name”.

To fight for one-another as a common cause is becoming more crucial than ever. The need to stand as a united front and show our force in numbers is paramount. Our system is based upon the notion of “majority rule”, “minority right” often being left in the dust. This form of force is what it will take, what we must do to protect ourselves—to protect each other.

It’s what it will take to protect our children.

I don’t care if you, the reader of this posting, believe in the literal devil. I don’t care if you believe that temple Satanists are only “anti-christians”. I don’t frankly give a damn if you even believe that self-serving, ultimately self-defeating notion of “might makes right” should be the word and the writ of the law.

Without a show of united force in the political theatre, without representation, we have no might, no voice, no power and no authority and it is they, our families, our dearly beloved CHILDREN, who will suffer for our inability to rise to the challenge of defending them when they needed us.

I would implore you, research these groups. Look into the ugliness that is the political strata of our nation. See for yourself the harsh reality that is the narrow-minded and fearful zealotry of old, masquerading as parenting in our landscape. Theirs is a vicious goal and a purpose they know to be righteous. They have no care as to which books you’ve read by or how well you can quote whatever goofy-assed, baldy-headed fuck with weird eyebrows you follow and they are without reason or mercy.

Satan stood against a God.

We can stand against these bastards.

Look into your child’s eyes and I dare you, I goddamned DARE you, to tell me that I’m wrong.

Is this the world they will inherit? Or is this the world they will save?

Ave Lucifer.


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