(Judgement((s)) to come)
or Original Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GOD


“To blame the fault of a creature is to praise its essential nature.”  — St. Augustine

ONE: The Absurdist Notion of Being Not Only Reborn in the Afterlife but Being Held Accountable for a Previous Carnations Limitations by a Reputably Benevolent God whose Love is Conditional

In Greek Mythology, Tartarus hidden deep within the bowels of Hades itself, where the Titans were bound in a dungeon of torment and suffering, had a place in creating a Judeo-Christian version of Hell, or Tophet, which has survived for thousands of years unchallenged.   Why the mere notion   of an afterlife where one was held accountable (for real or imagined shortcomings) was hardly a Puritanical Christian invention, however it is remarkably alone in its intent to indoctrinate criminally underage minors and subjugate those in its servitude with the Damocles Sword of Eternal Damnation should they stray, falter, blaspheme, or stumble along their pompous way, almost assuring most would rather err on the side of caution, just in case, and take the fire insurance they offer.  Here Hades  is an ever lasting inferno from whence a soul was placed as punishment for the mandatory sentencing of “Original Sin”  dictated it and the inherited shortcomings of the Father (which amounted to the Divine Intervention of the Creator in perpetuating the problem) with a Freewill that damned them with what was supposedly predestined.  It has become a Xtian’s calling card of sorts, that repugnant attitude of “Repent or Suffer” the stark equivalency of “Convert or Die”.  Gehenna was a trash heap on the outskirts of Jerusalem where refuse was often burned and became much of the inspiration for Hell itself and Tophet.   Here is another Avernus where Mephitis waits on the volcanic shores of its lake for the embrace of the lost along its noxious journey to enlightenment. Move along…nothing to see here, SHEEPLE whose religion was wantonly adopted with little scruples (or scrutiny given) inherited as a thoughtless heirloom to be placed upon the mantle along with that insignificant cross on the wall, full of dust. With the church as a whole a useless reliquary, a symbol of a bygone life pining away for the ever-elusive heavenly reward.

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