The Messianic Machiavel


I was born and raised in an agroindustrial region of Michigan, which had a tremendous influence on my philosophy today. As a child, my town was often torn between the traditional/superstitious world that remembered our region’s economic heyday and the more broken, damaged folks of the emerging rust belt. Neither was exactly Satan friendly, and we even had a frightening episode of the Satanic Panic, complete with allegedly evil preschool when I was a child.

Things have greatly improved for my community recently, however, as it seems a new philosophy has taken over. It’s still not a town where one can be openly Satanist, but it does seem like we’re heading in a more positive direction, and folks of different stripes are more accepted than before.

Like many Satanists, I started off greatly influenced by Anton Lavey, but recently, I’ve begun moving more towards the Satanic Temple. It can be tricky to reconcile the two, as I very much appreciate the more progressive approach of the TST, but I remain a Libertarian, and my views are still somewhat more Laveyan than many active Satanists today.

I am a professional academic (I teach Composition and Literature) and so I’m often focused on the higher forms of research and intellectualism research, but processing them in a way that makes them accessible for greater scrutiny and discussion. Nothing bothers me more than a person who confuses their listeners with excess verbiage in an effort to seem smarter than they really are. While mystery can be exciting, we must take care not to be condescending, lest we turn off the world to our ideas and make ourselves the monsters they think we are.

My name comes from the idea of a Messiah who uses Machiavellian theory to accomplish his/her objectives. While much of what Machiavelli said can be left to the Medieval world he lived in, the ideas of man (humans) embracing our animal natures can be very relevant today. As a human, I am capable of reason, I have an intellectual capacity, knowledge of the concepts of right and wrong, but I am also a beast. Our bodies are collections of chemical processes, but there is a Satanic spark within us that gives us the abilities to ponder our world and focus our evolution in new and exciting ways.



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