A sacred space to the witch is the magick circle. The circle is a symbol of the infinite and finite. It is everything and nothing. It is the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail, symbolic of the never-ending cycle of creation and destruction, birth and death, and a symbol of the cosmos without beginning or end.

—Mat Auryn, Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

Since the dawn of time the symbol of the Ouroboros has took a hold of our collective conscious it is a blazing emblem of self-awareness and a also one of the eternal processes. Even now we are reminded of millions of years of evolution through atavistic clues: a vestigial tail during gestation, our hardwired limbic systems–which is in itself a reptilian trait—with its fight, flight (or even) freeze responses, how our earliest eyes when given the primordial waters made the wayward journey forwards in order to aid us in predation. The symbol of a snake consuming it’s own tail is an absolutely sobering one, as it is meant to be. A reminder of our own murky past. A reminder of our inglorious future(s). It is also the representation of a creature so bereft of sustenance and substance that pure delirium has forced it to become its own prey. Eating until lastly it has extinguished what mere spark life had bequeathed it and we are left with the sad remains of a creature (while a predator) chose a self-destructive path and not one which led to any true self-awareness or a higher calling that The Great Work demands. But even given all that, The Almighty Ouroboros is a grand symbol for the dualities of humanity and its inherently problematic existence. Please, take a deep breath, exhale all that existential dread and know that you are a thermodynamic miracle: the chances of you and only you existing are around one-to- a-trillion. We’ve been the odds. We’ve been called worse by better. We’ve “braved the arrows of outrageous misfortune.” As such I would challenge you to embrace your Satanic philosophies, being born not bred a different breed, however diverse and challenge yourselves to become greater. It, after all, has been there in you, waiting to uncoil from one’s DNA all along.

Agios Lucifer & Hail Satan,


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