In May 2018 I had a crazy idea. “Wouldn’t it be cool,” I thought, “if there was a space online for everyday Satanists to express thoughts and opinions which would reflect everyday Satanism?” By “everyday Satanists,” I mean people other than the Crowleys, LaVeys, or other iconic and/or published Satanists who often come up in most conversations about Satanism and who often serve (intentionally or not) as the poster children for one or more sides of the multifaceted denominational divide among modern Satanists today. By “everyday Satanism,” I mean the overall and indelibly heterogeneous praxis of Satanism: that is, the different ways that various adherents of Satanism put Satanist theory into practice in their everyday lives and the ways in which that theory-to-practice influences their perspective on any number of things. And by “a space online” for these “everyday Satanisms” of “everyday Satanists,” I mean having something that is easily accessible (or free), that is absent of dogma (or denominational ties), that avoids frills (or distractions rooted in advertising, meme culture, or click bait), and, most importantly, something that is less daunting than the overbearingly voluminous canon of literature on Satanism and is yet still informative enough to provide any reader with some insight on the praxes of Satanism.

Crazy, right?

I reached out to a couple people I knew and made posts in a few Satanist forums on Facebook about this idea, and by June it materialized into The Adversarialist, an e-collective for Satanic thought. After six months, the website is now comprised of the passions, opinions, and creativity of Satanists from across the United States, addressing a variety of topics from the personal to the political. While some of the parameters and particulars of The Adversarialist have changed during this time, the overall mission has remained the same. As founder and editor, I am deeply indebted to the people who have shared this project’s vision with me and who have been so willing to also share their Satanism with the worldwide web. I am also truly thankful to you, the reader, who has joined hundreds of other readers from across the world in spending a little bit of time each month to stop by and think with us about what Satanism means. You are just as much a contributor to The Adversarialist as those listed on the Contributors page.

And so, as we bid farewell and fuck you to 2018, I invite you, the reader, to cross from one side of the contributor plane to the other. My goal for The Adversarialist has always been to have more people on board to express themselves through writing, art, music, and any other medium that can both convey a Satanist perspective and adhere to the limitations of this website. The longer that the list of contributors grows, the less pressure there is on those of us who are unable to contribute monthly, and the more that Satanism as an individualistic celebration of the self is accurately represented in each issue. Another goal of mine has been to make this space more diverse, more inclusive, and feature the work of Satanists of color, Satanists from the LGBTQIA community, women Satanists, and those who find themselves at the intersections of any or all of these. Ultimately, I believe this: The things you have to say about Satanism and the ways in which you say them are valid. Your experience, perspective, and praxis as a Satanist are valid. You are valid. Even if you don’t join us as an active contributor to The Adversarialist (which, if I haven’t made myself clear yet, is what I’m asking you to do), find a medium, make a space, and speak up.

Satanism is not the same for everyone. We all put into it what we put into it. We get out of it what we get out of it. We are individuals. If you are interested in joining the list of contributors at The Adversarialist (as an individual), let me know. I look forward to seeing this crazy idea expanding even more in 2019, at least enough to include you.

Ave Satanas! Rege Lucifer! Hail Yourself!

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