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Lux Inferni PicHail Satan! I am Lux Inferni (Light of Hell)—an atheistic Satanist from El Paso, Texas, USA and a member of The Satanic Temple, The United Aspects of Satan, Ordo Lux Luciferi, and Frontera Satánica. I am an historian, an educator, and a music artist by light of the sun and moon. By light of hell, I am a Satanic thinker who revels in both the conceptualization and actualization of adversarialism.

My Satanism does not only involve embracing the archetypal characteristics of Satan and incorporating them into my daily life and my associations with others. My Satanism is also rooted in the active effort of deconstructing oppressive systems and narratives fostered by the Abrahamic religions and adopted by Western (if not global) cultures: I am an adversary to hierarchical systems of power, to dualisms, and to injustices wrought by ethnocentric- and theocratic-based prejudice. (And while I’m at it, fuck capitalism, too.)

My goal as both the editor for and a contributor to The Adversarialist is not to change the thoughts and actions of others, but rather to challenge them. I challenge you to think critically, question everything, and to seek out knowledge in all of the shadow-stricken corners of your mind and the deepest, darkest crevices of your corporeal existence.

Ave Satanas! Rege Lucifer! Hail Yourself!



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