According to the christian bible, we, you, me, all of us, are born into this world, soft, pink, squalling and innocent, yet still deserving to be flung into a lake of fire and suffer the pain and choking of eternal torment by fire and flame.  Such a thing seems horrid, unfathomable, to any but the most knife-licking gigglers of the psychopath kingdom.

Why would any all-knowing, all-loving father of all the universe do such a thing to us all?  What could we have done to deserve such a cruel and seemingly insane treatment?

The answer?  “Original sin”.

“Original Sin?  What “Sin” has a newborn baby committed against anyone or anything?”, one might ask.

“Original Sin” being the willful defiance of The Lord thy God by eating of the tree of knowledge which was deemed forbidden to our forebears, the original human coupling, Adam and Eve.  This consumption of knowledge was a grievous slight worthy of revocation of our earthly immortality and eternal torment after our eventual death.

This is all faery tale fancy, of course, with no more weight or proof than any issue of Spider-man or episode of Power Rangers, a vulgar fiction.

However, as with most creation myths concocted by stone age primitives to explain a seemingly inexplicable world and brush away the unknowable terrors of the dark of night, it is a very telling thing.  Like most creation myths it involves a maker figure, a fall from grace, dust or earth creating humans and a female tempted/temptress figure being the downfall of our early species.  It also establishes another very key and crucial point necessary for any would-be tyrant.

Control of information.

To control a populace, you must control the way they think and the quickest way to accomplish that is to control the spread of information.  If you want to control thought, control knowledge, language, writing, the arts, any method in which information is disseminated, examined and critically evaluated.

Thus it is that religions, in western society, generally christians, will do their utmost to control information- especially as it is available to children.  Books are deemed “inappropriate” or “subversive”.  Music has lyrics or subject matter “edited for appropriate content”.  Movies are rated and placed in specific theaters by what is deemed “offensive” by a select group of media figures, possibly even outlawed by government officials, an act supposedly outlawed by our very country’s constitution.

All of this in an effort to control the thoughts of the young, to break their spirits and subvert their ability to question the will of their government and corporate masters, reducing them to simple consumers of simple products- an obedient workforce of simpletons.

Thus it is that Satanism appeals to me.  As Satanists, we see in The Baphomet the Baphomet- Knowledgeguiding light of knowledge.  Much as with Lucifer, The Morning Star, we are guided to seek new awareness, new understanding.  We are tasked by the very virtue of our sentience to look up to our creator and say “Why?”

We are tasked by our hearts, the love of our children to see to it that they fare even better than we- to bar them no knowledge, no understanding- no information which we have gleaned from our own decades of painstaking research and examination of the world.  SO that they may better exceed our accomplishments, we must guide them to greater heights by providing them access to any learning, any schooling they would wish.

Someday, we will shed this world for a new one, an infinitely better one beyond description.

It will be done not in the darkness and fear of religious superstition- but by the guiding light of our intellect and our drive to build a better world of our own.

Guided by The Morning Star.  I truly believe in this world of love, light and knowledge.

Love our children enough to give them this world.


Ave Lucifer

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