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Greetings everyone,

I was raised in Northern Virginia and so I was influenced greatly by the diversity of cultures and ideas in the DC metro area melting pot.  I was raised catholic until as a teenager, my father’s attitude towards religion became as he told people ‘he was a druid who worshiped trees and house plants on rainy days’; which I assume was some version of agnosticism or deism on his part.  I took no interest in religion for a long time, I was not aware of Satanism until I read the satanic bible in my 20s, even then it was not a real interest as it involved to much woo or magic than I was comfortable with.  I am a PhD biochemist with a BS and MS in chemistry, so my view of the world is squarely rooted in evidence and the scientific method.  Being a scientist is not simply something we do as a job, but it is a part of who we are.  I only embraced my atheism in my 30’s as I began to expand my education into religions.  Like many people my pivotal turn to focus on my philosophical ideology came after the birth of my son.  I began wrestling with the notion of ok, I don’t believe in god, so… what do I believe? What is my basis for morality and where do I go from here as a person?  As might be obvious from my pseudonym I began seeing secular humanism as my ideological preference for what I did believe in.  Through humanism I found the satanic temple and found its tenets to be very human and relatable.  I am a science advisor for the government and professional academic; I teach chemistry and critical thinking.  I am a proponent of education and making it more available and accessible to all people.  I identified immediately with the symbolic nature of Satan as the bringer of light and knowledge and as the adversary against the tyranny of oppression of the human potential.  That is how I see my Satanism; I am an educator and a challenger of ideas.  I often write from a scientific perspective and try to make evidence based arguments about the issues I write about including morality and ethics.  I write about many topics of which do not affect me personally but affect me as a person, and I hope that they are either educational or challenging to perceptions we have about issues we face every day.



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