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It is an almost weekly occurrence when one hears it proclaimed that “I out grew It”! Now most of us have come to inherently understand that this is referring to one’s taste–or lack their of– in music. While one is certainly allowed to mature and develop over time it cannot be at the expense of abandoning nostalgia for a more colorful and rebellious past…there is none. If you’re overripe and need to decompress (or your bulbous head might melon, all Scanner-like, open and explode for all to see) then I can think of no greater outlet.

If the first time one heard Slayer’s “Seasons in the Abyss” or Danzig’s “Twist of Cain” and didn’t feel a certain “joy in disobedience” as Mr.Crowley says then were you even paying attention? Who here honestly believes that Kim Kardashians wearing of a certain bands T-Shirt led to anything remotely involving something truly memorable but feels more like it was lip gloss spread along the ragged, unsewn edges on an open wound.

To have heard the ominous tones of Black Sabbath utilizing a Diminished Fifth (or The Devil’s Tone) despite Iommi’s loss of a middle and the tip of a forefinger lending him to utilize a disadvantage into an advantage; allowing him a prosthetic finger which led to his distinct sound.

To have waited seemingly breathless for Metallica’s first music video “One” only to have it later exploited by the mere likes of Avril Levine and these terrible ankle socks. These highs and lows are no where more abundant or apparent than within the metal community.

While we rejoice at the abundance of streaming free material we’ve forgotten those days of yore where one was forced to spend hard earned lunch money saved-up from starving for the cause, or money bartered for your time working at a mindless grocery store as a bagboy, all for an analog cassette which was summarily purchased because: the mere logo looked brutal enough, it had that righteous Parental Advisory Decal (PMRC), the track listings were sic, the label was consistently great, and that shit for a blurb on the sticker said “For Fans of . “ and it, lets be honest, it rarely ever came close to hitting the mark or exceeding even the lowest of expectation(s). Extra concert tickets if any were to be had–because no one good ever Tours around here –were purchased in an attempt to lure a lone driver with a vehicle into the fold with all passengers contributing gas money and or at least recreational drugs to the pot luck mix. Hopefully after all was said and done with maybe just maybe one had enough funds left in which to grab a CD or T-Shirt from the March Booth. Little else ocurred with everyone returning on exhausted fumes. Such outings became by their very nature group efforts. These made for the highlights of any given year and have remained a template for such mischievous excursions for decades now.

At no point have I ever thought to myself that I’m getting too old for this or maybe I should pack it up and try smooth jazz. If we are to pass the torch to a newer generation then I believe we must reexamine our roots and remember the pure exaltation of the craft. Be the person you needed at their age. Throw-up The Horns and say something memorable…but please let’s make it metal!!

Agios Lucifer &
Hail Satan,
The HELL Priest XVL

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